We fire four times a year in Cold Spring, NY.

Logs burning in the Anagama.


Stirring coals in the Anagama.

"I am happy to have participated in your firing. I have been looking for a wood-fire kiln to fire in and couldn't be happier with the results. The experience was professional and the community couldn't have been more warming."
     - Paul Boucher

"Tony Moore's kiln has been a valuable resource to me in my development as a wood-firing potter. He runs a meticulous firing, and knows how to consistently get excellent results from his kiln. The opportunity to see many clay bodies and the many glazes he provides, react to each firing, has compressed my learning curve considerably. He is available as a resource to discuss ceramic questions, and to give advice freely. He accepts all ceramists who want to participate, which results in a dynamic and varied community of people. Even though I now have my own Anagama, I continue to refer people who are interested in wood-firing to Tony, secure in the knowledge they will experience a professional firing and good results."
     - Susan Kotulak

"I have been firing my work in Tony's kiln since 2003, and with each firing comes the same intensity, anticipation, and excitement as the firing before. It is a long and arduous process, continuously changing and well worth the effort."
     - Joan Shulman